Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Keith Taylor on Lydd Airport expansion

Councillor Keith Taylor Green Party councillor in Brighton and former Principal Speaker spoke in Lydd against airport expansion, recently. This was to a public meeting organised by the RSPB. He said:

"We think Lydd expansion is wrong.The updated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, published just last week, painted a stark picture of our future world. According to the scientists, we�ll see the world�s grandchildren living with increased temperatures of, at best guess, 1.8 4 degrees centigrade, but at the worst case by 6.4 degrees by 2100. If we reached a 3 degree increase, it would mean:"
  • worse droughts, increased storms and extreme weather events, melting glaciers
  • rising sea levels that will swamp swathes of land displacing millions and destroying agriculture [and Kent is the most vulnerable part of UK)
  • billions of people at increased health risk
  • extinction of a third of all living things
  • political and military conflicts over resources, particularly water

"We need to be curbing those emissions, not increasing them. If we take aviation the fastest-growing source of global warming gases we see all the Westminster parties holding back from stopping expansion of airports in fact Labour�s Aviation white paper sets the goal of trebling the size of aviation within 20 years emissions. If aviation grows at this rate it will undermine carbon savings from every other industrial sector and represent an estimated 15-20% of UK emissions by 2030."

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