Monday, 5 March 2007


Kent Green Party supports Saturday's major demonstration in London against the renewal of the Trident nuclear programme. Kent Green Party members will be attending.

The Party is concerned that the �100 billion this will cost will undermine other public spending. Kent's massive population and home-building expansion requires as examples - a lot of spending on hospitals (currently in deficit), traffic calming (severely delayed due to limited funds), carbon-neutral new homes (put off for ten years by the Government) and a radical increase in social housing provision (under-funded since the late 1970s).

Dr Hazel Dawe, Chair of Kent Green Party, comments:

"There is a Trident aimed at the heart of public services. Renewing the Trident nuclear weapons system will severely damage other areas of public spending. Kent is already suffering as infrastructure spending is not keeping up with demand."

"The demonstration, starting at 12.30 at Hyde Park Corner, also calls for our forces to be withdrawn from Iraq. When will the Blair War Project be over? The Prime Minister says some troops will be withdrawn from Iraq's civil war this year, but his defence minister a day later announced the deployment of more British troops to the civil war in Afghanistan."

"If there is to be peace throughout the world, it is best achieved by Britain giving a lead - by abandoning nuclear weapons and giving control of Iraq and Afghanistan back to their own people. Having nuclear weapons here did not deter Argentina from attacking the Falkland Islands, and they are no use against terrorism either."

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