Monday, 11 June 2007


Green Transport Week occurs each year(1). This year, Kent County Council is promoting the Week to the public. Kent Green Party has a variety of suggestions to help with Kent's traffic problems and air pollution.

Steve Dawe comments: "Individual households can cut their car journeys. A quarter of journeys are less than 2 miles and could be walking journeys in most cases(2). We are suggesting people invest in large shopping trolleys and leave the car at home when shopping: no air pollution, no petrol to buy and no parking problems. Buses and trains do offer good travel options in some parts of Kent, although more investment in buses and trains is needed. Car-sharing, amongst neighbours, is a particularly effective way to reduce traffic congestion. There are too few employers permitting teleworking of their staff at present, which can help family life as well as reduce congestion."

"What can KCC do better? It can strongly promote traffic reduction in urban areas as part of a strategy to reduce and remove Kent's 36 areas of high air pollution(3). It can stop promoting road building and support cycle ways and walking route improvements instead. It must argue that over-use of cars in the UK is an addiction and can be resisted in favour of not travelling at all, walking, cycling, using buses and trains and teleworking(4)."

1. Promoted by the Environmental Transport Association
2. Sian Berry, Principal Speaker, Green Party Executive speaking at Wye near Ashford on Saturday 9th June.
3. Kent and Medway have 36 Air Quality Management Areas areas in which air pollutants are present above permitted limits.
4. SEE: Anna Semlyen Cutting Your Car Use (Green Books, 2000) and Lynn Sloman Car Sick: solutions for our car-addicted culture (Green Books, 2006).

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