Monday, 18 June 2007


Kent Green Party supports fortnightly alternating collections of waste and recycleables, provided local councils meet strict conditions.

At its most recent meeting in Wye, near Ashford, Kent Greens agreed a general policy: "Kent Green Party supports fortnightly collection of general refuse from households, provided the following actions are taken by councils in Kent:
a) that sealed bins or containers are provided for different types of waste;
b) That householders may choose the size of such containers, including communal bins, to suit their size of home, household and preferences following discussion with council officers;
c) that a shared target of 55% recycling of household waste be set, for achievement within 5 years;
d) that doorstep collection of glass, paper, cardboard, garden waste and food waste be accompanied by community composting schemes to reduce use of landfill sites and incinerators in the County;
e) that the zero waste approach be followed, by radically reducing the production of waste at source, throughout the County, with the aim of progressively closing down incinerators and most landfill sites over a 10 year period."

Hazel Dawe, Chair of Kent Green Party, comments: "Councils will only be able to meet existing and more ambitious targets for recycling with fortnightly collections. So long as kitchen waste is collected each week, as in the Tonbridge scheme, then there are no problems with smells or flies . Councils such as Gravesham and Dover which are refusing to move towards fortnightly collections will not be able to reach our 55% target or the long term aim of waste minimization generally called 'Zero Waste'. They are out of step with other local councils in Kent and won't increase recycling employment to its maximum potential either."

Dr Dawe is Chair of Kent Green Party, Prospective Green Party Candidate for Tunbridge Wells and a Senior Lecturer in Law.

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