Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Kent Green Party is supporting the Communication Workers Union (CWU) in its industrial action against Royal Mail. The CWU is seeking to defend postal services and is calling for an end to Post Office closures, unfair competition and a decent living wage for postal workers.

"The Green Party is backing the Union," says Steve Dawe. He continues: "Royal Mail has offered a below inflation wage increase and is changing working practices, so that already low waged workers will no longer be able supplement their basic take home pay through working overtime. In effect this amounts to a further cut in their wages."

"Royal Mail has spurned the chance to work with the CWU to develop a plan that secures the future of the service and looks after the interests of its staff. Instead it is pushing ahead with plans that will see up to 40,000 jobs across the country go and cuts to pay and pensions. Apart from the human cost, if such a plan is allowed to be implemented, the public will suffer too. Post offices form vital community hubs and many will be closed and deliveries affected. Universal postal delivery may well become considerably more expensive, as it is in Germany where such changes have already been introduced."

"The Royal Mail must restart negotiations. In Kent, as in much of the South East, postal workers provide a crucial service, which many take for granted and with hardly a thought to low wages earned by postal workers. Greens will continue to support CWU in its fight to protect those who work for the Royal Mail and the vital services they provide."

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