Monday, 23 July 2007


Kent Green Party is calling for all public buildings to have renewable energy installations. This will cut long-term energy bills and can feed electricity back into the grid.

Steve Dawe comments: "It is time we unleashed the resources of Parish Councils and Parent Teachers Associations to help public money go further. We can do this, and fight climate change, by putting solar panels, solar water heating units and small-scale wind turbines on suitable buildings. There is no good reason to exclude schools and hospitals from such an effort (1).

"Libraries and council offices are two other obvious locations for new safe energy initiatives. Cutting greenhouse gases and helping to reduce energy imports are priorities which can be addressed at the same time. The only problem standing in the way of such efforts is the will of those involved to make the necessary changes."

1. The New Economics Foundation has recently released a report indicating the renewable energy contribution the NHS could make.

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