Monday, 20 August 2007

Wildlife under threat from marina plan

Maidstone Green Party has joined with the campaign, led by the Fant Wildlife Group, to prevent an unspoilt area of the River Medway being turned into a marina. The planning application, which was rejected by Maidstone Borough Council has gone to appeal and Maidstone Greens have started an online petition calling for the appeal to be turned down.

The petition can be signed on the Maidstone Green Party website. Party members will be collecting signatures from local residents over the next two weeks.

Stuart Jeffery, Coordinator of Maidstone Green Party "This plan would be disastrous for Maidstone. This part of the river provides a natural corridor for wildlife and stretches right into the heart of the town. Currently there is a lovely, peaceful walk along the riverbank in an area teeming with wildlife. Maidstone does not need this type of development."

"We have started an online petition on our website and we will be knocking on doors in Fant for even more signatures to the petition; we urge everyone to make their feelings known - this development must be stopped. "New planning laws proposed by the government will make large developments easier to get passed by by-passing local councils, we must make our voices heard in planning decisions and the proposed new planning laws."

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