Sunday, 9 September 2007

Energy Alternatives for Kent not Nuclear

The Government is conducting a consultation on whether Britain should have new nuclear power stations(1). Kent Green Party believes there is ample evidence that energy conservation and renewables can meet all our energy needs for the foreseeable future. Kent Green Party has submitted a very detailed response to the Nuclear Review(2) emphasizing the known costs, risks and delays which characterize the nuclear industry.

Steve Dawe comments: "Every council area in Kent could benefit by more employment if the Government puts more of its resources behind energy efficiency, which could cut UK energy use by half according to the Association for the Conservation of Energy. Also, every building can be used as a site for solar water heating or solar panels, boosting employment and cutting greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. The employment potential of the London Array windfarm, off Graveney near Faversham(3) and other proposed windfarms off the Thanet coast, seem likely to create at least 100 permanent jobs at Ramsgate. But energy efficiency throughout the County could employ far more."

"We reject any return to nuclear power which produces electricity more expensive than wind, coal, gas or oil-fired sources. We urge people to condemn this expensive and wasteful option by writing in to the Nuclear Review"

A response can also be submitted by letter, fax or email to:

Response Nuclear Power Consultation 2007
Thornton Heath
Fax: 020 8683 6601

1. The Future of Nuclear Power,
2. Available from Steve Dawe on and appearing at shortly.
3. The London Array windfarm obtained planning consent for its Cleve Hill substation last week, allowing this project to proceed. It will generate enough electricity for 750,000 homes each year, when complete.

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