Saturday, 22 September 2007

ID Cards Will Not Protect Us

Kent Green Party is opposed to the Government’s proposed ID cards(1). The scheme suggested will cost £10 billion overall, money better spent on other forms of security. People carry many forms of identification already including driving licenses. Terrorism has occurred in countries which have ID cards such as Spain and Germany.

Dr Hazel Dawe, a Senior Lecturer in Law, comments: “As a major point of entry to the UK, Kent clearly needs good immigration and customs controls. But these are already provided by passports, so why spend £10 billion on ID cards for all UK citizens? The Government has successfully united all other significant political parties against its scheme and has not made its case for spending so much to achieve nothing discernible."

“People in Britain habitually carry forms of ID all the time: driving licenses; rail cards; credit cards; bank cards; photo security IDs for specific types of employment.
“The information an ID would carry is only as reliable as the quality of the technology to be used to store the information in the card. Since this technology is novel and is open to question, the ID cards themselves may be unreliable sources of identification, or of other information held within the card(2)."

“If the Government wants to spend £10 billion more on border security, then it would be better to use it at the UK’s own points of entry such as ports and airports. ID cards are a waste of our money.”

1. For detailed practical and technical arguments against the Government’s specific proposals, see the NO to ID campaign website, eg.
SEE Green Party report on the initial efforts to promote ID cards by the Government:

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