Thursday, 11 October 2007

Aviation Duty Will Hit Airport Expansion

Lydd and Manston expansion plans now in doubt Kent Green Party believes the Government’s new aviation duty will help curb plans for expansion of Lydd and Manston airports. Since aviation fuel is not taxed, cheap flights have become the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe. The rise in Air Passenger Duty was a small step in the right direction, but charges on aircraft emissions will also increase the cost of flights.

Steve Dawe comments: “Kent Green Party welcomes the modest first steps the Government is making towards cutting aviation emissions. But it does need to take more drastic action to halt airport expansion and cut flights. The Green Party advocates a £100 tax on internal flights to push people to use rail for long journeys within the UK."

“If aviation emissions are shared across households, then each UK household is making about one third of its carbon emissions by the flights its members take. Even more surprising, the UK is top for aviation emissions per adult far ahead of the USA and other rich countries. Currently, each UK adult averages about 603 kg of carbon emissions from aviation use per year whilst the US average is only 275 kg per adult per year(1)."

“Domestic tourism and rail travel to the continent can substitute for flights, helping to boost UK tourism revenues. Kent Green Party wants Manston and Lydd converted to other leisure uses to support domestic tourism, not international flights.”

Kent Green Party is a member of the Keep the Marsh Special Alliance, which is campaigning against the expansion of Lydd Airport.

1. Evidence collected by market research company Global TGI.

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