Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Maidstone Green Party collected petition signatures and demonstrated outside Tesco in Grove Green on Sunday as part of Compassion in World Farming's week of action against Tesco's refusal to stop selling battery eggs. Tesco's management did not interfere with the protest and over 100 signatures were collected. Most other supermarkets have committed to stop selling eggs from battery hens by 2012.

Wendy Eagle, Animal Rights Spokesperson for Maidstone Green Party: "We are grateful to the local Tesco's management for not stopping us collecting signatures - we were expecting them to ask us to leave. The level of support for this campaign was overwhelming and we collected over 100 signatures in just one hour."

"Even if local management is sympathetic to the cause, it is disgraceful that Tescos refuses to stop selling eggs from battery hens. Thispractice is dreadfully cruel and must be stopped. There are 3.5 million hens that are caged in an area no bigger than an A4 piece of paper simply because Tescos does not care. These hens cannot even stretch their wings and suffer in the most appalling conditions imaginable."

"Compassion in World Farming has been calling on supermarkets and the food industry to go cage-free. This means only using and selling eggs from hens in free-range, organic or barn systems. Other supermarkets have agreed to stop selling these eggs and we are calling on Tescos to follow suit. Until Tescos changes it's policy and stops this practice, we want people to shop elsewhere."


Photo shows Karen Fletcher, Wendy Eagle and Stuart Jeffery

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