Friday, 4 January 2008


Date: 4th January 2008
Contact: Simon Marchant 01634 313482

Medway council have been unable to oppose E.ons plans for Kingsnorth power station. The Medway Green Party, are appalled, but not surprised.

The plans now go to the Government via DBERR (Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform), formerly the DTI.

Simon Marchant of the Medway Green Party said: “This reflects the lack of democracy left in local planning control, we must fight back.Everyone in Medway, as well as the whole country, must fight off this outdated, under-designed dinosaur. At least now we can call for all technical issues to be answered and Climate Change to be brought into the equation. But we must get a public hearing or inquiry.”

Simon continued: “E.on claim their design is the most efficient and modern but we feel neither is the case. Efficiency could be increased dramatically and more modern designs are built by E.on, of all companies, in other parts of the world. Most telling of all is that the new coal station will stand so close to the 2nd largest gas terminal in Britain.”

“We believe E.on are only trying to build this now because new emissions standards come in from Europe in a few years time and they will not be allowed to build this design then. The current building has 25 years, or so, of life left in it.”
“E.ons plans for carbon capture and storage are unproven technologies and community heating has no market to sell to and so there is no incentive to build it.”

Start writing now to DBERR, your MP or Gordon Brown to oppose this plan.

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