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Date: 13th February 2008

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Airports, Tunnels and roads.
Boris Johnson wants a fog bound airport in the Thames estuary, near Cliffe in Medway, and an engineering team wants to build a tunnel under the river from Canvey to Cliffe. Then tens of thousands more houses could be built to accommodate the bulging population of the South East and more roads and more concrete and tarmac until it's all gone..
This hellish, nightmare scenario was played out on the news media in one day. The South East getting covered in more concrete with more planes flying overhead 24 hours a day with more traffic pouring through the already congested streets.
It is a proven fact that when roads are built traffic increases to fill the capacity within ever shorter periods. Building more major roads is simply madness. Expanding flights is, if anything, worse.
We have seen, on Panorama and Dispatches, that the Thames Gateway has had huge amounts of fraud and has robbed some people of their futures.
Simon Marchant of the Medway Greens said;
“Does Boris think that the, 24 hour, flights that would land in this Thames airport could do so without flying over anybody's house.
The idea that thousands of jobs would be created is illusionary. Most would be low waged European labourers during the construction phase, with a few residual jobs left afterwards.
I feel the South East has been built on enough, this is the mostly densely populated area of one of the most densely populated countries in the world. When will the government and business see that we have not got the water, amenities, facilities or space to continue this mad rush for growth.
All of this will add to Climate Change emissions at a time when we should be doing our utmost to reduce our impact. Stern told us that Climate Change was the most significant threat to our way of life, I would go further and posit this Government and its corporate cohorts are the project managers of that threat and it seems they are doing exactly the opposite of what needs to be done.
If this project, and ones like it, keep getting approval; we shall be paying the costs for generations come.
We can be sure that if business want to get involved it can only be for money. Just see how the Dartford tunnel tolls have risen after we were told they would be reduced once it had recouped its construction costs, which occurred 5 years ago.
I sincerely hope none of this comes to fruition.”

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