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E.On contradicts it’s own denial of plans for nuclear power stations
After denying a report in the Times (1) about plans for new nuclear power stations in Kent, an E.ON spokesman has now contradicted this denial (2). Specifica,lly, new Nuclear Power stations at Kingsnorth and the Isle of Grain are not ruled out. Kent Green Party has condemned these suggested developments as a diversion from a rational energy policy. Steve Dawe comments:
“Energy efficiency can cut our energy use by 30% quite easily and up to 50% with an effort in all the UK’s buildings and enterprises. Wind power can deliver up to 8 times the electricity we use now (3). Combine these technologies with solar water heating, solar panels, Combined Heat and Power systems and the use of ground source heat pumps similar to existing refrigeration technology and it is easy to avoid the costs and deficiencies of nuclear power whilst creating far more useful josb throughout Kent and the country as a whole.
“Nuclear power is crippled by scarcity of uranium, which is predicted to be in short supply after 2015 according to the World Nuclear Association (4). It is also very expensive when the costs of research and waste storage are taken into account – more than twice the cost of electricity generated by offshore wind turbines, for example. Proposals for a new nuclear programme of 10 nuclear stations in 1980 led to just one nuclear power station, Sizewell B in Suffolk, because it was too expensive to build more. Dungeness B took 17 years to build and is the most costly source of electricity in the UK grid (5). We need energy efficiency and renewables, nuclear is too expensive and not viable in the medium term due to a shortage of uranium globally. Does E.ON really want to be subjected to a UK boycott campaign?” ends c274 words
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1. E.ON AG, the German utility, has identified two greenfield sites in Kent, southeast England, as potential locations for nuclear power stations, the London-based Times reported, citing no one. The company is considering its oil-fired power station at the Isle of Grain, near Sheerness, and its coal-fired plant at Kingsnorth for possible nuclear reactor sites, according to the Times. Bloomberg 20th May 2008 -
& Times 20th May 2008:
2. Luke Hollands – Power Firm seeks nuclear options – Malling Messenger, 23rd May 2008.
3. See websites for Association for the Conservation of Energy and the British Wind Energy Association.
4. Thanks to limited supplies and increased use in new nuclear programmes in the US, China and Russia which will deplete the remaining uranium rapidly.
5. Information here is given in more detail in the Kent Green Party submission to the Government’s nuclear review, which can be found in Resources at

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