Tuesday, 3 June 2008


PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tuesday 3rd June 2008 – 33 St.Stephens Road, Canterbury, CT2 7JD - www.kentgreenparty.org 01227 780477
Keith Bothwell has been selected to fight the Barton Ward by-election for the Green Party. Keith has lived in Barton Ward for over 20 years years. He is a Senior Lecturer at Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent, specialising in sustainability and the environment and is South East Green Party Speaker on Housing, Planning and Development(1). Keith is married with four children and has stood in local elections in Canterbury previously. Keith says:
“There has never been a better time to vote Green. It is clear that both our local council and our Government are not taking climate change seriously. Our council leader denies the role of human actions in creating climate change; our Government claims to have cut greenhouse gas emissions, but its exclusion of some sources of emissions like those from aviation and shipping means UK greenhouse gas emission actually rose by 19% between 1990 and 2006 (2).
“My main concern is that we dramatically decrease carbon emissions from existing and new buildings. No one wants to pay higher energy bills. The only realistic way to avoid them is better design and insulation, improved building materials and renewable energy for homes and businesses.
“Canterbury is a city strangled by traffic. We need congestion charging to cut traffic levels and put an end to the all-day rush hour. Other parties have had their chance to improve the City Council’s climate change and transport policies. They have failed. It’s time to elect a Green to make the changes necessary to improve life in our City.”
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FURTHER INFORMATION: Keith Bothwell on 01227 780477. Contact address, as above, is for Keith’s agent Geoff Meaden who may also be contacted on 01227 456806.
1. Post jointly held with Steve Dawe.
2. Research in Dieter Helm, Robin Smale and Jonathan Phillips – Too Good to be true: the UK’s climate change record. http://www.dieterhelm.co.uk/publications/Carbon_record_2007.pdf

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