Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Climate Camp: Checkpoint Charlie

There have been a number of reports in the press over the last few days about the level of policing at this year's Climate Camp. When leaving the camp this evening Kent Green Party members took these photographs showing visitors being frisked, their bags searched and the consequent queue to enter the camp.

As reported in our earlier post Kent Green Party, Chair, Dr Hazel Dawe has written to the Chief Constable of Kent Police expressing her concerns. In the letter she reports ".... I am informed that another Green Party member from Kent - has been assaulted by the police. He was part of a human chain which engaged in passive resistance when a large number of police attempted to enter the site of the Climate Camp without permission. I am told that the protestors did not engage in violence themselves but simply joined hands to protect the privacy of the camp itself. In turn this Green Party member was pushed by a police officer."

Green Party MEP, for the South-East, Dr Caroline Lucas has also complained to Kent Police about some Police behaviour, you can read more about Caroline's experiences at the camp on her blog.

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