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“Local Party leader helps acquit Kingsnorth protesters”
Dr Geoff Meaden, leader of the Canterbury Green Party, was called as an expert witness at the trial of six Greenpeace demonstrators accused of doing £30,000 of damage to the Kingsnorth power station in October last year. The eight day trial was held at Maidstone Crown court and the demonstrators were found not guilty of this offence. Their argument was that, by building a new coal fired power station, the amount of damage that would be done to the planet would be far in excess of £30,000, and the jury agreed with this.
Greenpeace called four international expert witnesses including Dr James Hansen from NASA in the USA, the world’s leading scientist working on Climate Change, and Zac Goldsmith, past editor of the Ecologist and present Tory party spokes-person on Climate Change. Dr Meaden, who was on a lecture tour of Brazil, was obliged to deliver his evidence via a video link to the court. He told how sea levels were likely to rise by up to a metre this century, and up to five metres by the end of 2100. This is likely to have a catastrophic effect on many parts of the planet and up to 20% of Kent’s land could be lost.
“It is time that political leaders at all levels took the threat of global warming and sea level rise far more seriously” says Dr Meaden. “At the present time our leaders claim to be acting, but at the same time they do almost nothing to stop huge carbon burning stations or new airport runways from being planned. When it comes to large scale development projects, they are more than willing to listen to big business but very shy at taking the views of ordinary citizens into account. I do not wish to live on a planet which is denuded of much biodiversity simply because of political inaction.”

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Further information: Dr Geoff Meaden, 01227 456806 – contact address as above.

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