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Conservative Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is advocating a new airport in the Thames Estuary. Since UK residents are already making more flights than people in other rich countries, we need to cut flying in order to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. Green Party members of the Greater London Assembly have already forced Boris Johnson to meet with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds concerning his Airport proposals. But there is also the issue of the London Array windfarm. Steve Dawe comments:

“Does Boris Johnson think Jumbo Jets with hundreds of passengers are going to slalom down the Thames Estuary through the London Array wind turbines? The 341 turbines proposed will be up to 175 metres high (1) over an area of about 94.6 square miles. We certainly need the electricity for 750,000 homes which the Array will produce – not another airport.

“The Green Party advocates a £100 tax on internal flights to push people to use rail for long journeys within the UK. This is essential since so many flights are short-distance(2).

“If aviation emissions are shared across households, then each UK household is making about one third of its carbon emissions by the flights its members take. Even more surprising, the UK is top for aviation emissions per adult – far ahead of the USA and other rich countries. Currently, each UK adult averages about 603 kg of carbon emissions from aviation use per year whilst the US average is only 275 kg per adult per year(2).

“Domestic tourism and rail travel to the continent can substitute for flights, helping to boost UK tourism revenues. Kent Green Party wants Rochester, Manston and Lydd airports converted to other leisure uses to support domestic tourism, not international flights.” C293 words

FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Dawe – Press Officer – KENT GREEN PARTY on 01732 355185 or 0845 257 4236 or mobile 07747 036192. Contact address as above.


1. The windfarm will be sited about 12 miles out into the Estuary.
2. RMT – Who says there is no alternative: an assessment of the potential of rail to cut air travel. Of 473.000 to and from Heathrow in 2006, 100,000 could have been undertaken by rail.
3. Evidence collected by market research company Global TGI. See account on World Business Council for Sustainable Development site:

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