Monday, 13 October 2008


KENT PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday 13th October 2008 – 27 Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF - 0845 257 4236 – 01732 355185 – Mobile: 07747 036192


As the UK slips into recession, Kent and Medway need to make plans to protect the most vulnerable groups. Kent Green Party supports free school meals for all, using local food producers and processors in Kent to achieve this objective. Steve Dawe comments:
“Kent Green Party supports all children attending school being offered a balanced nutritious lunch including local and organic non-GM food, free from additives. Vegetarian, vegan and other dietary requirements (such as halal food) will be catered for. Vending machines will only supply healthy snacks. Schools will be encouraged to involve children in growing, preparing and cooking food. Children will not be obliged to take the free meal, but can continue to bring food from home, go home to eat or buy a limited range of healthy food at school.
“The aim is to double take-up of school meals from about 42% to 85%. This will cost around £1800m a year to be paid for by taxes on incomes over £100,000, if 85% of pupils choose free school meals; the cost is only about one fifth of the money spent on city bonuses in 2006-7. This initiative will increase nutritional standards; combat obesity and encourage healthy eating habits; support local and organic food production with regular and bulk orders from local schools. In Finland and Sweden, where school meals are free, take up is 90% and 85% respectively.
Some schools already provide food at the beginning and end of the day, and we support such extensions. But the priority is to feed children at lunch when they are obliged to be at school.”

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FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Dawe on 01732 355185 or 0845 257 4236 or mobile 07747 036192. Steve Dawe is Press Officer for Kent Green Party.


Richard W. Symonds said...

I look forward to the Crawley Green Party also taking up the cause.

Neighbouring West Sussex County Council deprived 64,000 primary-aged children of a hot meal, especially in winter, by axing the service 9 winters ago, ripping out all the 242 kitchens, making 550 dinner lasies redundant, and ignoring Government Nutritional Regulations.

Richard W. Symonds
SCRAM Campaign for Hot School Meals & Playing Fields

Richard W. Symonds said...

"ladies" not "lasies"