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The average household’s biggest category of spending is on transport. Kent Green Party is advocating people cut their transport bills to help cope with the effects of recession on their household, and to help reduce the emissions which create global warming. Steve Dawe comments:

“In the UK, the average household spends about £61.70 per week on transport bills, which is higher than any other category of household spending (1). For households feeling the pinch of recession, transport bills have to be considered as an area to economise. Kent Green Party suggests people cut out short car journeys by, for example, using a shopping trolley for shopping instead of the car. Since from a third to a half of car journeys are less than 2 miles, able-bodied people could walk them instead, benefiting their own health and reducing noise and air pollution.

“People should press for Teleworking opportunities to cut their journeys to work, if this is possible for their particular job. This removal of time spent on commuting will have benefits in terms of family life, time for gardening and more time for leisure.

“A more radical step is to get rid of the second car in the household to save about £8000 in costs, including the deprecation of the car’s value. People who increase their walking and cycling will find this adds to their effective income, freeing up money for savings or other purposes. It is possible to live better with the same income, by living less of our time inside cars.”
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Steve Dawe ON 01732 355185, 0845 257 4236 or mobile 07747 036192. Contact address as above.
Steve Dawe is a European Candidate for the South East Region and also works for Caroline Lucas MEP as her representative for Kent and Medway.

1. According to the Office of National Statistics and the Independent newspaper of 27th December 2008. Recreation and leisure come 2nd with £57.40 per week on average, followed by Housing, fuel and power at £51.80 per week.

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