Monday, 16 February 2009


PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 16th February 2009 – 33 St Stephens Road, Canterbury, CT2 7JD - 01227 456806

Dr Geoff Meaden has been selected as Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury. Geoff recently retired as a Principal Lecturer in Geography at Canterbury Christ Church University. He also taught Geography at Canterbury College and at the Simon Langton Girls' School in earlier years. Geoff is one of East Kent's leading environmental campaigners, having frequently given evidence at public inquiries. He has been a participant in PACE People Advocating Canterbury's Excellence, a coalition of residents' and environmental groups formed in 1996, and in Canterbury's efforts to become a 'Transition Town' - adapting the city to cut carbon use. Geoff says:

"We need a Green New Deal to take us out of the current recession. A wide range of employment can be developed in both the private and public sectors in ways that reduce our impact on the environment: recycling, re-use of discarded items, energy efficiency, renewable energy installation, organic food growing and distribution, sustainable forms of transport. We also need expansion of health promotion, and of education to give people opportunities to study whilst fewer jobs are available.

"The Government has many policies that could be abolished in order to fund a Green New Deal: the £12 billion ID card scheme; the £60 billion Trident missile renewal programme; dubious banking bail-outs; new road building; tax loopholes. The Green Party's approach, if adopted, would allow us to come more quickly out of recession than current Labour or Conservative policies."

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FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr Geoff Meaden on 01227 456806. Contact address: as above

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