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PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 12th March 2009 33 St.Stephens Road, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7JD 01227 456806
Green Party campaigners are urging that the threat to the UK’s fisheries be taken more seriously, with implications for Kent’s remaining fishing industry. Dr Geoff Meaden, a fisheries specialist and Derek Wall, a South East Green Party European Candidate, both comment:
Geoff Meaden says:
“The seas are only capable of producing a limited amount of fish. Presently fishing effort in marine waters of the south east is far too high, and in combination with pollution and global warming, this means that the activity is unsustainable. Fisheries here would be much better managed on a small scale, localised basis.”
Derek Wall notes:
“Several recent scientific reports have produced convincing evidence that
most commercial fish stocks will be fished out by 2040. We face a world
without cod and chips. Modern technology means that fish can be hoovered
up easily leading to over fishing. Pollution is also threatening fish
stocks. The Commons Fisheries Policy of the European Union should help
conserve fish but at the moment it is making things worse. Britain's
fishing waters including those around Kent have been opened up to the rest of
Europe, fishing quotas aren't properly policed which leads to over fishing, and
the rules are constantly changing making life tough for our trawlers.

“The Green Party is campaigning for Britain to reject the increasing insanities of the Commons Fisheries Policy and to manage our fish stocks
ecologically. We need to promote local control of fishing, set up marine
conservation zones and deal with pollution. Most politicians show little
concern but extinction is only a few years away for many fish species; swift action
is needed but like most environmental problems the danger is that
effective policies will be ignored until it is too late.”
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FURTHER INFORMATION: Geoff Meaden on 01227 456806 or Derek Wall on 07944 000519. Contact address as above.
Published and promoted by Susan Murray for the South East Confederation of Green Parties at 16 Clare Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1PN.

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