Sunday, 5 April 2009


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Kent Green Party is challenging local councils to establish a ‘Right to Rent’. People facing severe difficulties with paying their mortgage and facing re-possession should have a right to rent their existing home as council housing. Steve Dawe explains:

“Home owners who are unable to meet their mortgage payments and are under threat of repossession would have a right to transfer ownership to the council, at less than market value, in exchange for the right to remain in the home and pay rent as council tenants.

“There would be limits on the size and value of house covered by this policy and it would only apply to a sole house owned and occupied by a family or individual. Other conditions would include a need to receive financial advice before taking this option, the home being free of any unusual adverse circumstances such as an oppressive lease or a need for extensive repairs, or the owners of the home having other assets above a certain value.

“The cost to the council would be covered by government grants or public loans. Homelessness and forced moves are a major cause of family breakdown. Allowing families to remain in their old homes as tenants keeps them together, allows them to retain their jobs, their children not move schools and to retain existing support networks. Green Party research suggests a scheme of this type, given rising repossessions at present, would cost about £2.58 billion a year. However, since Councils face the consequences of dealing with family break up and re-housing those who are repossessed, the real costs may be a lot lower. We are asking all councils in Kent to adopt this type of scheme as an objective, and to press the Government to fund it.” Ends

FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Dawe on 01732 355185 or mobile 07747 036192. Contact address as above. Published by H.Dawe on behalf of Steve Dawe and printed by S.Dawe at 27, Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF.

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