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Hazel and Steve Dawe, Green Party European Candidate for the South East Region (1) have expressed concern at two neglected areas of energy efficiency. The long-term goal of a carbon free Kent is being undermined by mobile phone companies and the Internet. Coupled with delays to the London Array Windfarm - which would supply renewable electricity sufficient for 750,000 homes – more than in the whole of Kent and Medway, there is a need for urgency to clean up existing emissions. Hazel Dawe comments:

“Competition between mobile phone companies is wasting almost 300 GWh a year due to duplication of telephone network equipment, says a new report from the Green Party(2). The amount of energy currently wasted by the mobile phone networks at present would be enough to: run almost a third of the London Underground or meet the electricity needs of around 68,000 homes. Our report, Better Together, argues that mobile phone companies must cooperate to cut the industry's emissions as part of Britain's fight against climate change. In the short-term operators could be required to share base stations at times of low demand.”

Steve Dawe comments:
“The Internet has become one of the fastest growing areas of energy use. Like many people, I make use of the Internet for work. I have made sure that the electricity I use at home is coming from renewable sources as far as I possibly can. I have no guarantee this is a consideration for the various internet services I am using. Kent Greens have always promoted working at home to reduce traffic, increase time for family life and to promote more use of local businesses. But much home-based work depends on the Internet, which is using about 10% more electricity each year (3). We need immediate action by the Government to ensure that the 9.3 Gigawatts of wind turbine capacity waiting to be connected to the Grid are connected and that offshore wind power gets more assistance. If not, energy efficiency measures undertaken by homes and businesses may be counteracted by mobile phone companies and internet service providers.”


Hazel and Steve Dawe, 01732 355185 or mobile no 07747 036192. Contact address as above.

1. They are the two candidates from Kent on the Green Party’s 10-strong candidate list for the South East Region. Photos attached.

2. - URL:

3. Bobbie Johnson – Power failure: how huge appetite for electricity threatens internet’s giants The Guardian, 4th May 2009.

Published and promoted by Hazel Dawe for Kent Green Party at 27 Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF.

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