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Kent Green Party has expressed concern about the latest research the Met Office has published about climate change(1). Steve Dawe comments:

“The Met Office in its new climate change report expects wetter winters in Kent and Medway and much hotter, drier summers. Overall, this may be good for tourism, but extremely bad for many existing forms of agriculture. Farmers and growers will be forced like never before to invest in means of capturing and using rainfall for use in long dry spells. The prediction of one in six homes becoming at risk of flooding is quite stunning.

“The Met Office says sea level around the UK rose by about 1mm/yr in the 20th century, corrected for land movement. The rate for the 1990s and 2000s has been higher. A report by the World Development Movement has already indicated that the emissions of the 1990s and 2000s could lead to a 5 metre sea level rise rather than the original common prediction of 1 metre(2). Also, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has indicated it expects South East England to be as dry as the Sahara by 2030 if climate change emissions are not cut back drastically (3).

“The implications for Kent are particularly severe as our very changeable existing climate is going to move towards more extremes: longer periods of heavy rainfall in our winters, longer, hotter and drier spells in our summers. We face the prospect of regular winter flooding and regular summer droughts. Our natural environment, built environment and agriculture will all suffer until we succeed in cutting greenhouse gas emissions radically.” Ends c 273 words

FURTHER COMMENT: Steve Dawe, Press Officer KENT GREEN PARTY on 01732 355185, 0845 257 4236 or mobile 07747 036192. Contact address as above.

2. World Development Movement – Carbon evictions: the UK’s role in forced migration of climate refugees – World Development Movement, no date.
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