Sunday, 2 August 2009


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Kent County Council has let down the County by failing to implement the Sustainable Communities Act. The Act would have permitted KCC to create long-term committees with representatives from a wide variety of groups – to assist in the overall goal of increasing Kent’s sustainability for the future. This is absolutely vital in the current recession.

Stuart Jeffery, Campaigns Officer for Kent Green Party, comments:

"Kent County Council should have used the Sustainable Communities Act to engage with and harness the skills of a wide variety of groups and individuals concerned about sustainability in Kent. It chose instead to note the Act as part of its environmental obligations, which in practice will mean little if anything will actually be done. I am m amazed that such a significant piece of legislation to promote local democracy, community involvement and sustainability was not subject to any engagement by KCC with communities. Simply putting it on their website alongside 50 other consultations does not constitute engagement. We didn't know about the consultation as it was not publicised and we try to keep an eye on KCC. What chance do individuals or community groups have, especially as the Act has not had the publicity it deserves?
“We ask KCC publically to go beyond a simple consultation and engage properly with community groups and individuals via the media to build ideas for submission to them. There is likely to be a further submission date on the Sustainable Communities Act later this year or next and KCC should radically improve publicity when this occurs.”

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