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The International Energy Agency has indicated that it expects severe problems with oil prices in less than five years due to a combination of under-investment and rapid decline in key oil fields (1). This is bad news for Kent and Medway, which need better public and private sector leadership on energy issues. Steve Dawe comments:

“Peak Oil – the highest level of oil production the world will ever achieve – has been expected to occur between 2006-2016, according to research(2). Since our public services and private sector in Kent and Medway are still heavily dependent upon oil, this is bad news for both in relation to coming out of recession. Now, the International Energy Agency which has been highly optimistic about global oil supplies, has issued its most pessimistic report ever. It expects serious problems with oil supply and prices over the next five years.

“Public services, already between the rock of inadequate funding and the hard place of Government demands for more cuts, must cut their use of oil as quickly as possible. The private sector, hoping for a quick return to profitability as recession receded, is in much the same position. So far, many high street businesses have weathered the recession (3) but empty shop-fronts are increasing. New investment in energy efficiency and renewables is necessary to help lower long-term energy costs, and keep up levels of employment. But such efforts depend upon how far households control energy and fuel bills, allowing them more flexibility in spending with local businesses. Energy inefficient households will experience rapidly rising costs for household heating and car use.

“The goal of responding positively to these challenges must include the realisation that better energy use is going to help maintain employment in Kent and Medway. So far, Kent Green Party does not see sufficient urgency amongst private and public sector leaders – threatening us all with a longer, deeper recession.”


FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Dawe, Press Officer – KENT GREEN PARTY on 01732 355185 or 07747 036192. Contact address as above.

1. The Independent, 3rd August 2009.
2. A summary report offered to the US Government can be seen at:
3. See Steve Dawe’s recent Survey of Tonbridge town centre as an example.

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