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PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 24th August 2009 - 27 Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF - 0845 257 4236 – 01732 355185 – Mobile: 07747 036192

Taking Tunbridge Wells at 20 mph

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Green Party campaigners will be in Calverly precinct on Saturday 29th August from 12.30 to petition the public about 20 mph limits in all residential areas(1). Steve Dawe comments:

“Our petitioning in support of 20 mph limits in residential areas has proved very successful. Almost all those who are approached are willing to sign. There is almost universal enthusiasm for cutting speeds in our residential areas to cut noise and increase safety.

“Evidence suggests that cutting speeds down to 20 mph could result in an overall 60% decrease in traffic accidents. This is a huge gain for no pain at all!

“We are urging councils throughout Kent to follow the lead adopted by Portsmouth, Leicester, Norwich and Oxford – adopting a general reduction to 20 mph in all residential areas. Kent policy already have the necessary equipment to detect vehicle speeds accurately down to 20 mph.”

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FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Dawe, Press Officer – Kent Green Party – 01732 355185. Radio and newspaper interviews for this release: Dr Hazel Dawe, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Tunbridge Wells on 01732 355185 or 079444 71083. Contact address as above.

1. This is part of a national campaign, see:

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