Thursday, 22 October 2009


Kent Green Party supports a universal postal service and the Communication Workers Union in their dispute with Royal Mail management. Royal Mail management are using the 10% fall in postal communication relative to digital to force through cuts to postal workers earnings. Steve Dawe comments:
“Every day throughout Kent, post workers deliver mail after their shift has finished, without overtime pay, to keep the postal service running – because of their loyalty to their customers. The decline in postal communications compared to email inevitably challenges postal workers, but they continue to deliver a vital public service. They are through their Union willing to negotiate reforms but are not prepared to countenance the bullying tactics that have already led to unpaid overtime and ever-increasing workloads. The national agreement that resolved the 2007 dispute stipulates the continuing provision of reasonable local earnings levels and that to assist development of a fourth Phase of Royal Mail modernisation, consultation and negotiation will take place. Management are not currently complying and are therefore responsible for the strike occurring at present.
“A minimum of 55,000 jobs have been lost in Royal Mail in the last 5 years. The delivery (letters) section of the firm (Royal Mail proper, as opposed to Parcelforce & Post Office Ltd.) has been in profit for the past several years, including last year. Postal workers are now faced with the prospect of many more job losses, and changes from full time posts to part time ones, albeit on a voluntary basis as yet, as very expensive new machinery which can sort the mail to a greater level is introduced.
“Combined with the loss of post offices, the partial privatization of postal services illustrates once again that privatization destroys employment and undermines basic services. Kent Green Party calls upon Royal Mail management to consult with its workforce on changes to bring an immediate end to the dispute.”

FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Dawe – Press Officer – KENT GREEN PARTY – 01732 355185 or mobile 07747 036192. Contact address as above.

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