Sunday, 13 December 2009


A Greener Christmas can be cheaper and still enjoyable, is the message from Kent Green Party. Dr Hazel Dawe comments:
"There a lot of perfectly satisfactory ways to have a Greener, cheaper Christmas. With many households suffering job losses or shorter working hours, or facing these problems in the New Year, it is worth considering how to keep costs down at Christmas but spirits up. Here are some examples of what can be done:
• Make your own Christmas decorations from what would otherwise be thrown away e.g. silver and gold foil coffee packets make wonderful stars to be strung up in garlands. Try making your own Christmas tree decorations from straw. If you do buy Christmas tree decorations choose those which can be reused time and again after careful storage. Don’t give cut flowers, give living plants in pots.
• Decorate a living tree in your own garden instead of buying one.
• If you must use wrapping paper – try to undo presents without ruining it and keep it for next year. Buy wrapping paper made from recycled paper.
• Send E-cards or make your own from last year’s cards. Recycle your cards after Christmas – make sure you know which local shops are taking Christmas cards for recycling.
• Make a Christmas stocking from re-usable felt or linen.
• Have a vegetarian roast – there are many delicious recipes. Don’t throw away food. Combine any leftover food into a new dish – there is a long tradition of turkey curry, turkey shepherds’ pie etc.
• Above all try to minimise waste. If you don’t know what to buy someone as a present, ask them.If the new jumper from Grandma doesn’t fit, don’t throw it in the bin; give it to a Charity Shop or your local Freecycle scheme." Ends

FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr Hazel Dawe, Chair, Kent Green Party on 01732 355185 or mobile 07747 036192. Contact address as above.

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