Sunday, 18 April 2010


The Green Party has adopted Penny Kemp as its candidate for Folkestone and Hythe in the General Election. Penny lives in Headcorn, where she has served as a Parish Councillor and has contributed to the development of a local farmers’ market and the Headcorn Sustainability Group. She is a former Chair of the Green Party Executive and is currently Green Party Speaker on Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. Penny has stood for elections to all levels of government, making use of her skills as an experienced journalist. Penny says:

“In this election, I will campaign on both local and national issues. The effort to stop the expansion of Lydd Airport and to convert it to all-weather leisure uses must continue. Our campaigning to create employment through better energy efficiency and safe energy technologies for homes, businesses, schools and hospitals as an alternative to another polluting nuclear power station at Dungeness will also continue(1). I also recognise the need for more social and affordable housing in the Shepway District Council area, given quite poor levels of achievement so far(2).

“But this election must also be about saving key public services from avoidable spending cuts, which will maintain the recession. Investing in one million new Green jobs will add to employment everywhere in the country, and add to local spending which will keep other businesses going. Government cuts in Higher Education should be stopped, as the UK still has major skills shortages. The Greens also call for a new tax system with two aims: to reduce inequality, and to protect the environment and public health(3).” Ends c 258 words

FURTHER INFORMATION: Penny Kemp on 01622 890601 or mobile 07711 760692 Contact address as above. Published and promoted by Penny Kemp at the above address for Kent Green Party at 27 Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF.

1.UK energy needs can be met by energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, as the Zero Carbon Britain report demonstrated.
Empty homes and commercial premises should be targeted, as a quick route to meeting local housing needs.
2.The Green Party would remove the ceiling on National Insurance contributions, and raise the threshold at which people begin to pay National Insurance. A new national minimum wage would be set initially at £8.10 per hour. A 50% tax rate would be set on incomes above £100,000 per year. The fully costed Green Party manifesto, see includes the pledge to halve the Government’s deficit by 2013, which would involve cutting road building, the national ID card scheme, subsidies to civil aviation, the war in Afghanistan and the failed computerization of the National Health Service.

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