Thursday, 29 April 2010


Kent Green Party notes that the three major parties have been caught misleading the public about their cuts and taxation plans(1). Steve Dawe comments:

“The fully-costed Green Party manifesto makes it clear where we would raise taxation and where short-term and long-term cuts in spending should take place. The three major parties do NOT have fully-costed manifestos. Each of them has yet to explain how gaps in their figures will be met: by cuts or by tax increases. The Labour gap is £44.1 billion; the Conservative gap is £52.5 billion; and the Lib Dem gap is £34.4 billion.

“In short, none of the three major parties has been honest with the public about cuts or the taxes they propose. By contrast, the Green Party’s commitments to a fair taxation system – reducing tax and national insurance for the lowest paid and taxing the wealthiest more, have been made clear in our manifesto. Short-term cuts are also spelt out, alongside longer-term cuts in road building (£30 billion over 10 years) and Trident missile renewal (£97 billion over the life of the system).

“After the expenses scandals, we might have expected exemplary manifestos from the three major parties – manifestos spelling out their intentions with complete candour. It is the least the electorate should be able to expect. Instead we have evasion and misdirection. The three party system is a ‘three ring circus’ in which the major parties appear to be competing about how far they can hide their cuts and tax plans. The British public deserve better.”

Ends c 266 words

FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Dawe, Press Officer, Kent Green Party, on 01732 355185 or 07747 036192. Contact address as above. Published by Kent Green Party and promoted by H.Dawe, both at 27 Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF
1. By the Institute of Fiscal Studies. The figures given indicate that Labour has not explained 86.9% of its cuts of £50.8 billion will fall; correspondingly, the Conservatives need to explain where 82.3% of their £63.7 billion cuts will hit and the Lib Dems must explain where 74.5% of their £46.5 billion cuts will land.

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