Sunday, 16 May 2010


In its anxiety about the Government’s deficit, the new Coalition is determined to make short- and long-term cuts in public spending. However, these cuts and their impact upon Kent and Medway can be avoided. Steve Dawe explains:

“The Coalition Government can easily avoid making damaging cuts in public services, which would reduce employment all over Kent and Medway. It can start by addressing the issue of how £100 billion each year of tax revenue is lost. Each year, tax loopholes, failure to collect taxes that are due and non-payment of taxes are costing the UK £100 billion(1). Staff cuts in HM Revenue and Customs are also preventing proper collection of taxes.

“If a progressive tax system is adopted in addition to more efficient tax collection, then the deficit can be reduced significantly over the next five years.
“If such measures are not taken, then the current rise in unemployment in Kent and Medway will not be reversed. Similarly, our needs for more social housing, better public transport, improved health promotion, upgraded local government services and expanding Further and Higher Education will not be met.”

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FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Dawe, Press Officer, KENT GREEN PARTY – 01732 355185 or 07747 036192. Contact address as above. Published by Kent Green Party and promoted by H.Dawe, both at 27, Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF.

FROM: The Green New Deal Group report: The Great Tax Parachute: how to save the public finances and keep the economy afloat:

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