Friday, 9 July 2010


Kent Green Party is concerned by new reports(1) indicating how the Coalition Government’s policies hurt the poorest households in Kent and Medway most. Dr Hazel Dawe, Chair of Kent Green Party, comments:

“People receiving benefits have already seen their purchasing power drop in recent years. Freezing child benefit, cutting housing benefit and refusing to link the minimum wage of £5.80 per hour to inflation mean that low income households will become worse off in real terms year after year.

“Research shows that recent budget will cut the income of the least well off households by about 21.7% of household income whilst wealthier households will only lose 3.6%. (2)

“In practice, this means that the poorest households in each part of Kent and Medway will cut their spending with local businesses. This will mean job losses in the private sector, particularly in retail. Kent Green Party notes it would be far more prudent to raise the minimum wage, to keep people working in public services and to sustain local economies. The savage and irresponsible cuts in public spending this Coalition has chosen will not help local businesses. There is simply no need to repeat the cuts and unemployment of the 1980s when a fairer tax system and higher minimum incomes could protect both jobs and services. Why does this Coalition want to penalise the poor?”

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FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr Hazel Dawe, Chair of Kent Green Party: 01732 355185 or 079444 71083. Contact address as above. Published for Kent Green Party and promoted by H.Dawe, both at 27, Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF.

1. Reports from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
2. Households with under £14,200 income each year will lose 21.7%, whilst households with earnings of over £49,700 will lose just 3.6%.

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