Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Kent is one of the worst counties in the country for insulating its homes according the Department for Energy and Climate Change [1]. Kent Greens have criticised councils across the county for failing to reduce energy bills in homes and have called for 'immediate and concerted effort' to improve insulation levels and reduce bills. Stuart Jeffery, Chair of Kent Green Party comments:

"Seven of Kent's twelve local councils were in the bottom quartile for insulation that has been part funded by the Energy Saving Trust under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target which places an obligation on gas and electricity suppliers to reduce household emissions(2). All of Kent's local councils were below the national average. Councils across Kent have failed their residents. Fuel bills are reaching new highs and will continue to rise, yet councils here have failed to promote the easiest of schemes to insulate homes. I am therefore calling for an immediate and concerted effort by councils to address this and to start saving residents money on their bills.

"Kent's position in the bottom quarter of the insulation league demonstrates the appalling lack of concern that Conservative ruling groups have for people in Kent(3). Elsewhere councils have match funded the Energy Saving Trust's scheme and provided free insulation for their residents. These include the Kirklees' scheme, led by Green Councillor, Andrew Cooper, which has put K Kirklees at the top of the league table nationally.

"Proper insulation can save households around £100 per year, and combat fuel poverty, as well as reducing our dependency on imported gas and oil, and reducing our carbon emission. It is time that councils in Kent started to look after residents and offered to insulate their homes for free."

FURTHER INFORMATION: Stuart Jeffery, Chair of Kent Green Party, on 0797 0436 029 or 01622 808370. Contact address as above. Published by Kent Green Party and promoted by H.Dawe, both at 27, Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF.



2. Tables downloadable at

3. How Kent fares:

Position Borough % treated Treated Homes Centile

292 Maidstone 7.9% 5,049 63,994 77%

274 Dartford 8.2% 3,306 40,353 72%

336 Gravesham 6.0% 2,458 40,904 89%

320 Tunbridge Wells 7.1% 3,347 47,035 84%

333 Ashford 6.2% 3,022 48,639 88%

285 Medway 8.0% 8,698 108,737 75%

291 Swale 7.9% 4,468 56,523 77%

258 Canterbury 8.6% 5,394 62,955 68%

245 Thanet 8.9% 5,555 62,329 65%

279 Sevenoaks 8.1% 3,870 47,898 74%

267 Dover 8.4% 4,073 48,760 70%

297 Shepway 7.8% 3,614 46,519 78%

Out of 379 Total (Kent) 7.8% 52,854 674,646

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