Saturday, 19 November 2011


Kent Green Party is urging Kent and Medway residents to attend the annual Climate March being held in London on Saturday 3rd December. Dr Geoff Meaden explains why people from our County should attend:

“Climate Change is not an abstract idea for Kent and Medway. The exceptional number of extreme weather events Kent has experienced since the Kent Hurricane all show the influence of climate change, not as a single cause of extreme rainfall or of droughts but as factor which makes our weather worse. Climate change puts more moisture in the atmosphere, making periods of rainfall often more powerful than in the past. It also means whole climate systems can move north or south, creating long periods of drought as seen in Kent and Medway in the recent past.

“But Kent and Medway’s long coastline is also vulnerable to sea level rise. Given a major new report stressing how extreme weather is made worse by Climate Change (1), and indications many countries are failing to cut greenhouse gas emissions, we need better action in the UK and abroad. The Department for Energy and Climate Change has admitted that greenhouse gas emissions in the UK were 2.8% higher in 2010 than in 2009 (2).

“Kent Green Party encourages everyone in Kent and Medway to attend this year’s Climate March. Assemble on Saturday 3rd December at 12 noon at the North end of Blackfriars Bridge for march to Parliament(3).”

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FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr Geoff Meaden, 01227 752275. Contact address as above. Dr Meaden is Principal Lecturer Emeritus in Biogeography, formerly based at Canterbury Christchurch University, Canterbury. For KENT GREEN NEWS, Kent Green Party’s monthly ezine, subscribe for free at


1. New IPCC report on extreme weather events:


3. The overall Government approach to Climate Change will leave parts of Kent and Medway in the sea, by 2100. Dr Geoff Meaden and others have created maps showing how 1-5 metre sea level rises will significantly change the coastline of Kent. These can be made available on request to What is particularly striking about these maps is the way in which Canterbury, thanks to its particular geography, will rapidly acquire an estuary; how fast Thanet becomes an island once again; how just a one metre rise would substantially widen the Medway as far inland as Maidstone. The potential for flooding along the Medway is enhanced under these likely scenarios, with existing flood defences not proving adequate to the challenge. In consequence, and bearing in mind the need to protect agricultural land and not just the largest population centres, Kent Green Party believes that the issue of sea and coastal defences will have to be looked at again.

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