Sunday, 15 January 2012


Kent Green Party hosted a hustings for prospective European Candidates at Wye, on 14th January. The South East region has 10 Members in the European Parliament. Kent’s Greens were able to question 13 prospective candidates before a ballot is held in March(1). Four of the prospective candidates are from Kent. Steve Dawe reports:

“Trish Marchant, from Medway, chaired a challenging question and answer session for prospective Green Party European Candidates in Wye on 14th January. There were four candidates present from Kent.

Chris Burton, from Dartford, in response to a question to all candidates on the Euro, said he felt that the Euro should cease to operate for all countries in the Eurozone since it was demonstrably a failure. Hazel Dawe, from Tonbridge, said that the ‘travelling circus’ of moving European meetings between Brussels and Strasbourg at great expense and with an excessive carbon footprint should cease. Stuart Jeffery, from Maidstone, emphasised the need to oppose the ‘Boris Island’ airport idea(2) and to continue to make use of European institutions to improve animal rights. Jolyon Trimingham, from Whitstable, expressed concern about current EU transport policies and argued for more powers for the European Parliament over the European Commission.”

“Other themes in the session included: expressions of horror at the persistent ‘recession building’ by the three major parties in our Parliament, through their support for misplaced cuts and inadequate taxation policies(3). The candidates consistently supported using green jobs to combat unemployment, increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, and to restore a basis for hope amongst ordinary people in the UK.”


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1. There are a total of 18 prospective candidates for the 10 candidates for the South East Green Party list for the European Elections, to be held in June 2014.

2. The Green Parties, throughout Europe, oppose airport expansion as this is the fastest growing sector for greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, air pollution and noise have been repeatedly demonstrated in research to have adverse effects on health for those living near airports. The Estuary Airport proposals ignore local opposition and the 300,000 birds which would be in the area of the proposed airport.

3. The Green Party favours broadening the tax base to tackle the deficit rather than the current emphasis on excessive cuts. The Green Party manifesto for the General Election of 2010 suggested raising cigarette, alcohol and air passenger duty taxes and introducing a progressive tax system that takes more from the richest.

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