Saturday, 19 May 2012


West Kent Green Party (1) is standing Dr Hazel Dawe in the Tunbridge Wells East by election. Dr Dawe was Green Party Candidate for Tunbridge Wells in the last General Election. Dr Dawe is Campaigns Officer of Kent Green Party and a frequent contributor to local radio, TV and newspapers. She is currently Head of Law Programmes at the Greenwich School of Management after careers in banking and as a University Lecturer in Law. Hazel Dawe says:

“The Green Party is the only party standing in this by election that supports properly-funded health care for the people of West Kent. Pembury Hospital is too small and is plagued by queues and a shortage of skilled staff. Only a fair taxation system will provide the health care we need (2). We can maintain services and pay off the Deficit through introducing a fair tax system.

“Other parties standing in this election would have people believe that widening the A21 at a cost of up to £120 million will improve transport in our area(3). But improved bus and rail services, better Green Travel Plans by employers and increased cycle routes are more cost effective. Why? Because a widened A21 will fill up quickly like all previous additions to road capacity in Kent since our population continues to rise rapidly. When we cannot seem to repair potholes and pavements in Kent, how can road widening or road building be a priority anywhere in our County(4)?”



FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr Hazel Dawe, Campaigns Officer of Kent Green Party, on 01732 355185 or 079444 71083. Contact address as above. See Hazel’s blog at

See also West Kent Green Party news and views at Promoted by H.Dawe and published by Kent Green Party, both at 27 Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF. Monthly free ezine KENT GREEN NEWS available for subscription at


1. 1. One of Kent Green Party’s 10 branches.

2. 2. Specifically, the Green Party supports far higher cigarette and alcohol taxation, additional council tax bands at the top of the current scale, raising Air Passenger Duty and increasing the higher rates of tax for the highest paid. We can pay off the Deficit and maintain public services, by putting an end to self-defeating austerity policies.

3. 3. Or the madness of spending at least £1 billion on a new Dartford Crossing, supported by the Conservatives of Kent County Council.

4. 4. Comprehensive Green Party policies on transport in Kent can be found in the Kent manifesto and other submissions amongst publications at

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