Sunday, 22 July 2012


Kent Green Party is appalled to find Kent County Council is opposing the extension of areas covered by 20 mph limits on entirely spurious grounds. Stuart Jeffery, Chair of Kent Green Party, comments;
“Kent County Council is opposing new 20 mph limits unless there are casualties in the area concerned. One could be forgiven for believing that they want to see bodies on the ground before they bring safer speed limits into our residential areas everywhere in Kent and Medway. Kent Green Party has petitioned on 20 mph limits in towns throughout Kent for the past few years. Support for 20 mph limits in residential areas is at 85-90% everywhere.
“KCC falsely claim there are enforcement issues concerning a 20 mph limit. But 30 mph limits are not enforced. What actually happens is that virtually all drivers will be guided in their choice of speed by other drivers on the road.
“A survey of the introduction of 20mph zones across the UK and in other European countries found that child road accidents declined by 67%, cyclist accidents by 29% and traffic flow by 27%. The leading cause of death to children over the age of five is road crashes. A child pedestrian is three times more likely to die on our roads than in Italy and twice as likely as in France. The number of cyclists killed has risen by 30% since 2003(2).
“We will continue to campaign for 20 mph limits in residential areas until the local authorities in Kent and Medway all adopt this approach.”


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2.    Sources include UK Commission for Integrated Transport, and - Speed v Safety - The Eternal Balancing Act> - 20mph Limit called for in town, Pete McAskie, Haringey Green Party. See also the 20 is plenty website:

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