Saturday, 21 July 2012


Kent Green Party is opposed to suggestions that regional airports like Lydd and Manston must expand, as suggested in the Government’s Draft Aviation Policy Framework (1). Steve Dawe explains:
“The Government is proposing airport expansion at Lydd and Manston in its Draft Aviation Policy Framework. Citizens have until 31st October to respond to this consultation, which can be found at Kent Green Party notes that this suggestion behaves as if the outcome of the consultations on Lydd’s expansion was a foregone conclusion. It also ignores the universal opposition to night flying from Manston, which constrains expansion there.
“Kent Green Party has made its opposition to airport expansion very clear in campaigning and submissions in recent years (2). We emphasise that Lydd and Manston should be converted to all-weather leisure centres as a boost to employment in these areas, and to build up the domestic tourism offer of the East Kent area. Why does our Government want to favour people flying abroad for holidays rather than building up the quality of domestic tourism instead? Kent has a lot to offer, and tourists can arrive from elsewhere in the UK, and from Europe by train and ferry without stepping on a plane.
“Cutting greenhouse gas emissions from aviation is essential to the Government’s own policies on climate change. Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, rising about 6% each year. If the Government does not take radical action in this sector, by for example raising Air Passenger Duty, then rising emissions from aviation will negate cuts made in other areas.”

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1.    Draft Aviation Policy Framework:
2.    Copies of Kent Green Party’s submission to the Draft Aviation Policy Framework and to Kent County Council’s Bold Steps for Aviation can both be obtained now from and will appear in the Publications section of shortly. Dover and Thanet Green Party’s submission on Thanet Night Flights concerning Manston can be seen in the same place. Kent Green Party’s submission on the expansion of Lydd Airport can be obtained from

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