Monday, 3 December 2012


Kent Green Party is not surprised Ofsted has ranked Kent in the bottom 10 of local authorities for the performance of primary schools. Steve Dawe considers this, and offers Green alternatives:
"Kent County Council is running a primary school system ranked by Ofsted as in the bottom ten local education authorities in the country. Kent has 55% of children attending a good or outstanding primary school and Medway is actually worse with 54%. Why is this happening? First, it appears vacancies are not being filled quickly enough in Kent schools for financial reasons, putting existing staff under extreme pressure. Numbers of probationary teachers in their first year of teaching are believed to be very high in some schools, also placing heavy demands on experienced teachers.
Secondly, the combination of pay freeze and pensions policy may well be making teaching long-term unattractive (1). Teachers average 48.3 hours a week of work compared to the national average of 37, with 70% of teachers doing all night preparation on some occasions during the year because of workload (2).
"These conditions in Kent and Medway may well make would be teachers consider working in other areas, influencing teacher quality here in Kent. Solutions should include reducing class sizes from an average of 20 to 15, and better support for new teachers in their first year. Clearly, we cannot address major skills shortages in areas like engineering, for example, unless we start with improving teacher time spent with each pupil in our primary schools.
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