Thursday, 18 April 2013

Greens Field Record Slate in County Elections

Kent Green Party is fielding 43 candidates in the County Elections to be held on Thursday 2nd May 2013(1). This is the largest number of Green Party candidates in any part of the South East Region in these elections, other than in Oxfordshire. Stuart Jeffery, Chair of Kent Green Party, comments:
“Kent Green Party’s 43 candidates for Kent County Council deserve supporting, as a challenge to the rather miserable vision of hopelessness and austerity presented to voters by other parties. We are a rich country and the other parties pretend we are poor, continuing to support cuts and low pay for most people - as if ordinary people were to blame for the long recession.
“The themes we are taking into these elections, taken from our manifesto available at: offer a positive alternative to the politics of fear, envy and greed:
·       Ending poverty, increasing employment opportunities and improving services
·       Making public transport, walking and cycling the most favoured means of transport
·       Conserving and enhancing the natural environment for tourism, forestry and biodiversity  for future generations(2).

"We want to see real improvements in the quality of our economy. We will create jobs  real jobs in industries that we urgently need, public transport, energy efficiency, insulation, sustainable farming, renewable energy, education. We will tackling poverty with a living wage and 10:1 wage ratio in KCC(3).

"We will improve the quality of travel in Kent with 20mph limits where people live(4). We will make it the socially acceptable speed to drive in residential areas. We will be investing in public transport, walking and cycling, making them the first choice for travel.

"We will tackle air pollution from roads that kills 700 people each year in Kent(5). We will be improving the quality of the environment, conserving and enhancing the natural environment for tourism, forestry and biodiversity - for future generations and we will be protecting green spaces, farmland and woodland."


07970 436029. Contact address as above. Alternate contact, Steve Dawe, Press Officer on 07747 036192 or 01732 355185. Please leave message if necessary on any of these numbers and we will try to get back to you shortly. KENT GREEN NEWS, free monthly ezine, is available at Published by Kent Green Party and promoted by H.Dawe, both at 27, Audley Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1XF.
1.      Attachment contains full list of Green Party County candidates in 2013.
2.      These three themes have featured in separate releases, see press releases 26th March, 3rd April and 10th April.
3.      More than 1200 people are paid less than £7.45 per hour while 5 staff are paid over £74.50 and almost 500 paid over £25 per hour.
4.      70 to 80% of people back 20mph limits.
5.      About 29,000 deaths are directly attributable to air pollution from traffic each year across the UK, according to the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants  and 200,000 suffer effects on their health.

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