Sunday, 4 August 2013

Kent Green Party Condemns Unrealistic Manston Airport Expansion Plans

Kent Green Party has condemned Manston Airport’s plans to increase it’s capacity to 5 million passengers and 400,000 tonnes of freight per year by 2025 as “undesirable and unrealistic”.
“Kent Party Press Officer, Ian Driver, said “Aircraft are the most polluting form of transport responsible for causing major damage to our environment. This is why the Green Party opposes the expansion of Manston or any other airport ”.
“We believe that commercial and civil aircraft journeys should be drastically reduced and call on the Government to develop a transport policy which focuses on developing  rail, ferry and bus networks as alternatives to aircraft for commercial and leisure travel”.
“The plans to expand Manston’s capacity are based on unrealistic economic assumptions. Especially the proposal to invest  £billions of public money building a Ramsgate Parkway station and the upgrading the North Kent rail route to High Speed 140mph standards to bring more passengers to the airport”.
“It is unlikely that the Government will support such proposals, especially in these times of austerity when there is no evidence to suggest that incomes in Kent and the south-east will  increase sufficiently to support  5 million passenger journeys per year by 2025.  Also such a massive investment will significantly reduce funding for upgrading and improving the already over-stretched Kent rail network”.
“Manston Airport has never been commercially successful. It is extremely unlikely that it ever will be. The Kent Green Party believes that it’s time to consider alternative uses for this site such as commercial, leisure or much needed social housing to provide decent homes for Thanet’s growing population”.
FURTHER INFORMATION: Ian Driver, County Press Officer, Kent Green Party: Phone: 07866 588766.

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