Wednesday, 21 August 2013

School Sex Education Policy Written by Dr Who

Kent Green Party Councillors Martin Whybrow and Ian Driver have called for an urgent enquiry into the Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) policy of the Harbour Special School, Dover(1).

The school is  named in a report  by the British Humanist Association (2)  which identifies   44 schools across the country has having discriminatory approaches towards teaching about same-sex relationships.

KCC Councillor Whybrow said “I am alarmed by this report and have contacted the Headteacher of Harbour School to ask for an explanation. There is no excuse for a  Kent school  to be delivering sex education  which discriminates against students, their families or carers  because of their sexual orientation. This would be unlawful”.

Thanet Councillor Driver, said “Harbour School’s 2012 SRE Policy was written by Dr Who because it’s travelled back in time.  It states that the age of gay consent is 21 when it was changed to 16 in 2001. It quotes extensively from Margaret Thatcher’s infamous Clause 28, which banned open and frank discussions about same-sex relationships in the classroom,  as if it was still the law even though it was repealed 10 years ago. This policy is a disgrace. I hope the strongest action is taken against its authors”

Driver added “My  2 daughters attend a KCC special school. I expect their school to provide SRE lessons which treat same-sex relationships as equal to, and just as  important as, heterosexual relationship. The management of Harbour School obviously have a problem with same-sex love, but in these days of equal marriage they need to grow up and get over it”.


FURTHER INFORMATION: Ian Driver, County Press Officer, Kent Green Party: Phone: 07866 588766.

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(1)  A copy of Dover Harbour School SRE Policy is attached to this e-mail.

(2) The British Humanist Association report in discriminatory SRE can be accessed from this link

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