Tuesday, 2 February 2016

No second Thames crossing

Kent Greens have stated that a second Thames crossing will do nothing to tackle congestion in the long term, as it would facilitate increased road travel, known as ‘induced traffic’. We are heavily concerned about the wider impact on local residents and the environment.

Kent County Council Green Party councillor, Martin Whybrow, said: “Kent has some of the highest air pollution levels in the country, and developing further road networks does nothing to counter this.

“With air pollution in Kent responsible for hundreds of deaths every year, it’s time to stop pouring money into more polluting roads. We need cleaner, sustainable travel options that move people and freight away from vehicles, for the sake of people’s health and the sake of our environment “

The Green Party’s national transport spokesperson, Caroline Russell, added: “Instead of building more roads and encouraging more people to travel by car, we need policies which are fit for the 21st century. Our government just participated in securing a global deal to tackle climate change - in light of this commitment, our obsession with carbon-intensive travel has to end.”

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