Friday, 11 March 2016

Kent Greens call for support for NHS Reinstatement Bill

The day after the latest junior doctor's strike, Mandy Rossi, Co-Chair of Kent Greens is calling for Kent MPs to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill being re-introduced to Parliament today by Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Mandy Rossi, Co-Chair of Kent Greens: "The NHS is in a crisis of the government's own making. This week junior doctors have been striking as a result of Jeremy Hunt's imposition of an unacceptable contract, NHS debt is soaring and services are being privatised. The NHS cannot survive much more of this.

"I am calling on Kent MPs to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill that Green MP Caroline Lucas is reintroducing to Parliament today. This bill will halt and reverse the privatisation of the past 10 years and remove the expensive market system that the NHS operates within. It will ensure that government have a duty to provide health care.

"The NHS is a hugely valuable service that must be supported not dismantled as the government is doing."


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