Friday, 7 April 2017

Greens stand record number of candidates in 2017 county elections

Kent Greens stand a record number of candidates on a radical manifesto in next month’s county elections.

Greens across Kent are calling for:

- Significant reductions in air pollution which is responsible for up to 1,600 deaths in Kent each year.
- 21st century education for all, not 1950’s selection of the few. Grammar and high schools to be replaced by comprehensive education which has been proven to be better than the selective system.
- The end of Kent County Council with the establishment of unitary authorities and a new Kent Assembly with devolved powers.
- Ethical investments by KCC: buses not bombs. Ending KCC’s investments in fossil fuels, arms companies and tobacco industries.

Cllr Martin Whybrow, KCC member for Hythe and  candidate for Hythe West: “Air pollution is killing up to 1600 people each year in the county yet KCC is  failing to take a lead here, nor is it allowing air pollution to in anyway influence its 'business at all costs' decision-making. We need to drastically re-prioritise including improving public transport, encouraging cycling and walking, and protecting open spaces.”

Henry Stanton, Green candidate for Canterbury City North: “Kent’s education system is stuck in the 1950’s and is failing young people. Comprehensive education has been proven to improve overall education. We want our children to have 21st century education, not one from the last century.”

Mandy Rossi, Co-Chair of Kent Greens: “KCC invests heavily in fossil fuels, arms companies and tobacco industries. This is immoral and must be stopped – as other councils have done. We need to be investing in our future. We want investments in renewable energy, public transport and social housing.”

Stuart Jeffery, Co-Chair of Kent Greens and candidate for Maidstone Central: “The Greens promise real change with our radical manifesto for Kent. We want to see the end of KCC and for unitary authorities to replace it bringing democracy closer to local people. We also want a devolved assembly for Kent, taking powers from central government.”

Our policies are detailed here:

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