Thursday, 12 July 2018

Kent Greens oppose Ryarsh Quarry plans

Kent Greens have added their voice to the opposition to the quarry plans around Ryarsh. The proposed quarry is hotly opposed by local people. The Greens argue that the quarry will damage the local area and that extraction plans are overblow.

Stuart Jeffery, Co-Chair of Kent Greens: “The proposed quarry at Ryarsh is unnecessary, will devastate village life and destroy local farmland. We are calling on Kent County Council to stop this plan.

“Over a thousand people have objected to KCC and we are adding our voice to theirs.

“There is no demonstrable need for a quarry of this size. Current plans are to extract twice as much sand as is required for the county. This cannot be right!

“Added to this is the impact on local people and the loss of much needed farm land. Good farm land will becoming increasingly important over coming years and must be protected.”

Tonbridge and Malling Green Party Chair and local resident, Howard Porter, adds: "The Ferns operated quarry in Addington is already being extended to north of Addington Lane and yet another quarry in Ryarsh will see an over supply of sand which is not needed economically and not wanted locally”.

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